youtube blue film - Desperately Wants To Win

Adult Porn Movie and youtube blue film - K.U.N.T. TV. Roaming the hood for badass bootie. Did someone say 'who let out the bitches and the ho's? Lot's of bad things happen in the hood, but when you're pimpin', you look for the good stuff. And that's some black bitches, who are ready to suck and fuck anything that cums along!

Six cum drenched sex scenes! Big boobed beauties Simone Daria get wet, wild wicked. Simone takes her knockers on the chin!

In the beginning, Mistress Julie Simone acquires a new slave and strips her of everything, changing her name to scar. Starting with a medical inspection, Julie pokes and prods Scars most sensitive of parts and discovers her new slaves limits. In the process, Julie finds herself more and more attached to her new submissive, but knows attachment only leads to suffering, something Julie cannot allow to happen to herself. Includes heavy rubber, forced smoking with breathplay, bondage, dilation training, nipple and pussy play, corporal punishment, flogging, caning, electrical play, gas masks, hoods, and more!

Kaleah is without a doubt one of the most beautiful creatures to ever grace the cover of an adult product. Mix Mexican and black and you get a caramel beauty that is so fine from head to toe. She is 5'8" and 160 pounds of luscious horny, passionate dream pussy. Kaleah has a big brown, smooth skinned ass with wet fat pussy lips and the face of an angel. This 27 year old was born in Chino, GA in March which makes her a Pisces. Enjoy one of the Earth's best creations in 6 full length fuck scenes!

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